5 Most Common Problems With Tile Flooring Inside Homes

5 Most Common Problems With Tile Flooring Inside Homes

Flooring fills a tremendous portion of the house. Everywhere you go inside (and even outside) the house, you can never not see the floor! It’s irreplaceable. It’s inevitable. Guess it’s safe that a house cannot exist without a ground you call “floor”.

There are different kinds of flooring used for houses. Concrete floors, marble floors, wooden floors and vinyl floors are only some of them. In their own ways, they are beautiful and beneficial to homes and homeowners. They serve unique purposes which collectively aim to make living worthwhile inside those buildings they are set.

But who can ever forget one of the most common types of floors? Tile flooring. They are used all over the world, and nobody is complaining! Tile flooring is definitely a good idea. From their visuals to their functionality and fantastic features, tile floors’ impressive distinction cannot be mistaken.  

Just like any other thing though, they are not perfect. Tile floors are faced with some issues, too, but the reason is most likely due to human error or their incompatibility with how they are used. Let’s talk about them and understand more about this matter. Read the list below.

Here are 5 common problems with tile flooring inside homes.  

1 – Tile floor cracks

They are very common and very obvious at the same time. Once there are cracks on your tile flooring, you can expect that its function will be affected negatively and that next time, the damage could get even worse. 

Cracks on floor tiles occur when heavy objects drop on them, accidentally or not. It could be a small or a big item. As long as it is weighty and hard, it can break the tiles and lead to visible cracks on the surface. 

They are a pain in the eye, but that’s not all because tile flooring cracks can also be dangerous. Particularly when they can lead to tripping if you misstep. Or you may get scratched or wounded when your skin rubs against the cracked portions. 

2 – Poor installation

Mediocre quality of tile flooring can be a result of poor installation. You may not be aware, but the problem might root from day 1, from the very beginning of your home building or home improvement project. 

This is why it is supremely important to hire skilled and trustworthy home improvement companies or luxury home builders. It’s alright to spend quite a lot on installation because you can rest assured that you will get your money’s worth. 

3 – Tiles losing luster

Many homeowners also consider it a pity when floor tiles begin losing luster. This is especially for glossy tiles, but even matte tiles experience turning pale and washed-out after long years. 

Over time, tile flooring changes in appearance because of foot traffic, cleaning agents used and natural wear and tear. Reality speaking, that can’t be helped. 

To maintain the prettiness of your tile flooring, regularly clean it to eliminate dust and dirt that can grow and attach to it. Make use of gentle cleaning substances to avoid causing discoloration and fading away of the coating and colors of the tile flooring. Be careful when cleaning also because harsh methods will damage it.  

4 – Loose floor tiles 

Are there some areas on your tile flooring that make a hollow sound or move when you step on them? That’s a sign of loose floor tiles. They should be remove because they are sensitive to blows, meaning they can instantly break and lead to danger when hit loudly by foot or other things.

5 – Wrong grout

Wrong grout can make tile flooring malfunction. Reach out to an ace tile setter and tile installer to make sure the right grout is used and is applied correctly. Consistency is very important when choosing grout for tiles, and a seasoned tile setter will know and will do the job well!



Tile floors are excellent for multiple reasons. They boost the house’s appearance, adding elegance and appeal to it. They have safety attributes that make them very ideal for houses inhabited by a family or any group of people. No doubt, they last long, too. It’s just that besides natural wearing out, there are some human shortcomings or poor choices made that affect the quality of tile floors at home.  

The above-mentioned problems are commonly the concerns of homeowners with tile floors in their abodes. Truth be told, they can be refrained from if homeowners, like you, are more careful of how they use and take care of their house. Be wise from the start, during the home building process. Work with professional luxury home builders who make sure that their clients get the best of what they pay for and importantly, get the best of what they certainly deserve! 

Every part of the house is precious. It can affect your quality of living. Solve those tile floor problems, and next time, be wiser! 


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Horizon Homes, a boutique home building and designing company in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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