6 Best Wedding Venues in Gurgaon & Delhi you cannot miss this wedding season

Wedding season is around the corner. Are you worried about how you will go through with your wedding? If you have a constant feeling of fear and confusion, worry not—we’ve got you covered. Weddings can be exhausting when you are planning them on your own. If you wish, you can hire help, or you can do it with the help of your friends and family. But if you are confused about what venue you should choose and looking for the best banquet halls in Gurgaon with a price that suits you or in Delhi, then you must keep reading.

Every couple hopes to have a wonderful and enjoyable wedding. Numerous things need to be completed before D-Day, but booking a gorgeous venue is one that must be done first. Deciding from among the hundreds of possibilities available is a difficult chore that takes a lot of Reiki. Therefore, if you are likewise anxious about the search you must undertake to find the ideal location, we are here to help.

The top 10 most popular wedding venues

  1. Golden Tulip Suites (Prism Ballroom), Gwal Pahari, Delhi

Hotel Golden Tulip is tucked away in the picturesque Aravalis, far from the bustle of the city. The 8,000-square-foot pillarless banquet space at this five-star location is perfect for a sizable event. There are several party places available at this location, both indoors and outdoors. The dining hall at this location is simply stunning inside. This location looks even more beautiful thanks to the decor crew. The in-house chefs prepare delectable treats with the ideal combination of spices to satisfy your palate. This location is undoubtedly one of Gurgaon’s finest five-star hotels for hosting a lavish wedding.

Key characteristics:

  • Exceptional hospitality and premium services
  • The breathtaking Aravali Ranges serves as a backdrop.
  • luxury and comfortable lodging options
  1. Club Florence Gurgaon Delhi

Club Florence, with its elegant décor and alluring decor, is second on our list. This location offers a variety of lawns and a dining hall, so you can customize it to your desires. This location has its design and culinary teams and arranges for alcohol as well. One of the benefits of this location is the friendly atmosphere. Overall, this location is among the top wedding venues in Delhi’s Gurgaon neighborhood.

Key characteristics:

  • For small to medium-sized gatherings, it is ideal
  • The location that’s simple to go to
  • accessible poolside
  1. The country touches resort sona road, Delhi

What location could be ideal for hosting a lavish wedding and simulating a destination wedding in the bustling metropolis of Delhi? A stunning wedding resort in Gurgaon is the Country Touch Resort. It offers a dining hall for organizing a grand wedding and a variety of grounds. This location is excellent for both pre-and post-wedding events. The Country Touch Resort provides services to help you have an enjoyable wedding celebration. If you’d like, you can also use your caterers and decorators.

Key characteristics:

  • There are options for Indian, Western, and Oriental food.
  • There is valet parking available.
  • There are numerous lawns here.
  1. The club Tivoli, Gurgaon, and Delhi

One of the top wedding banquet venues in Gurgaon is Club Tivoli, thanks to its large, adaptable banquet spaces. This location is perfect for opulent weddings with a small guest list. This location exudes richness and elegance. As they promise to give you excellent services and make your day unforgettable, they make sure to meet all of your needs. They offer a variety of delicacies to your visitors and let you customize the menu.

Key characteristics:

  • Several party areas
  • seasoned culinary team
  • trained personnel
  1. The Harnarain palace. Gurgaon, Delhi

You must find it shocking to learn that there is a palace in the middle of the city. The next location on our list is a palace that can accommodate a royal wedding while still being stunning, opulent, and reasonably priced. With a capacity for about 1000 guests, Harnarain Palace is one of Gurgaon’s largest wedding lawns. So that you may unwind and enjoy your wedding, they take care of the food and decor.

Key characteristics:

  • Evening events are acceptable
  • Available theme-based decorations
  • enables hiring of a personal caterer
  1. The Hyatt regency

Hyatt Regency is one of Gurgaon’s premium 5-star wedding venues. This facility has several banquet spaces as well as a lawn. For large events, banquet venues can be combined to accommodate a wedding. The Hyatt Regency has a reputation for staging grand and successful weddings. If you choose this venue, you will no longer have to worry about your wedding day. They pay close attention to detail and deliver exceptional service.

Key characteristics include:

  • Expert event planners
  • a large banquet hall
  • Decorators on staff
  1. The Westin Gurgaon, Gurgaon, and Delhi

The Westin Hotel provides world-class amenities and beautiful services for your wedding, ensuring that your day is filled with delight. It includes several celebration venues, including opulent banquets and lovely lawns that may be combined. They assist with all aspects of your wedding, including sangeet, mehendi, and the main event. You will not be sorry if you choose this hotel for your wedding because it is unquestionably one of the greatest wedding venues in Gurgaon.

Key characteristics include:

  • Allows you to choose an outside caterer.
  • An expert decor team is available.
  • A wide variety of meals is available here.

There are the best banquet halls in west Delhi with reviews that are perfect, so you won’t have to face any trouble with the staff or locations. It is always better to get reviews from older clients just to get a sense of how they function.

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