A Comprehensive Guide to Backlit Signs

A Comprehensive Guide to Backlit Signs

Backlit signs can help you sign as a business. Other than offering a sound image, you need an attractive sign to communicate to the passers-by. One of the ideal options to get the attention of your potential customers to your business is to print backlit signs. Not only does it help in making a good impression but can help in marketing your business round the clock.

In this guide, you will get to learn everything about a backlit sign.

What is a Backlit Sign?

A custom backlit sign is to be viewed with a light source shining behind it or through it. Backlit sign printing can be used in different ways for increasing visibility.

Backlit signs have two main pieces- the Printed Graphic and Lightbox. There are many construction methods for getting that backlit look.

What are the Benefits of Backlit Signs?

There are a few reasons to choose backlit signs. Vivid images and high-quality graphics that shine around are bound to capture the customer’s attention. But like magnetic vehicle signs, you can enjoy some benefits other than grabbing your customer’s attention.

  1. Promotion

Give light to your business, discounts, promotional events, and more customized messages. These signs are best for connecting people since they are noticeable, bright, and can be personalized like vehicle signs.

  • Branding

Backlit signs can help a business stand out no matter where you are. When you add certain brand elements, such as the business name, logo, and contact information. It can help in increasing brand recognition and generate more leads.

  • Presence

Do you want to make your storefront more intriguing? Add dimension and depth with backlit signs. You can engage effectively engage with the customer by shedding light on important details and other news with unique images and graphics.

  • Efficiently

Backlit signs are versatile as you can switch the graphics whenever you want. Moreover, backlit signs use very little electricity. Hence, it reduces overall utility costs. Since you do not have to print out new signs, continuously, you save money and time that way.

  • Versatile

Even though you just have a specific size to work out, you can think beyond the box and come up with dozens of messages, graphics, and displays for anything you need. There are many graphic templates that are available. Choose dozens of locations for mounting the backlit sign, such as android emulator for windows and walls. Hence, it can be used for making an announcement or a simple marketing campaign.

Select the Best Materials for Backlit Signs

Different materials are used for backlit materials. Let’s take a look at the materials that you can choose from.

  1. Backlit Paper

Using a translucent and thing 7pt Bristol board is a kind of material that is perfect for using for a shorttime. It is cheap. This kind of material is ideal for humid climates, especially if has given a special coating. Backlit paper is printed with either UV curing or Latex roll-to-roll curing flatbed.

  • Photographic Transparency Films

It is also known as translates or duratrans. They are of highquality. The images on these materials are printed on an RGB laser system. Photographic transparency films are rather expensive. These also have poor, lightfastness with extended sun exposure. Choose photographic transparency film keeping for indoor usages, such as jewellery or designer retail stores.

  • Printable Films

Printable films are translucent plastic sheets, such as styrene or polypropylene, which are often used for creating weather-resistant and long-lasting signs. Often, you will find these signs at bus stops, movie posters, and mall displays. You can print plastic printable films on a UV-curing flatbed.

  • Inject Backlit Film

It is a kind of polyester film. All inject images are coated using an ink-receptive base instead of a pornographic emulsion. There on, a high-resolution Latex printer is used that can compete against the quality of Duratrans. Nevertheless, inject backlit film is affordable and has greater durability.

  • Fabric Backlit

It is printed on grand-format inject printing using latex ink or solvent. The material is generally limited to bigger than average signage. Many fabric and vinyl backlit sign frames are created with tension systems for holding the graphic material without causing any wrinkle. The tension system works pretty well to imply that the sign face isn’t made of strong material.

Based on the size of the fabric or vinyl materials, these are easy to roll up, swap, or transport around. It makes the material best for promotion and retail.

If you have to get the most out of your backlit signs, you should make sure that you are placing them correctly. They should be in proper viewing angles and distance.

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