Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey

Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey

Hair loss, while a person is young, is one of the most common global problems that both men and women experience. Numerous methods and procedures to encourage hair growth have been created. Like you do with your health and youth, most of you take your hair for granted until they are gone.

A hair transplant can restore a person’s appearance by having a full head of hair or at least one that is fuller. If losing your hair or thinning on top troubles you, having the treatment is one way to feel more confident about your appearance. Conversely, discuss with your doctor what to expect during and after the procedure. Here mentioned are the treatments for hair transplants in Turkey. 

What is a hair transplant?

A dermatologist or plastic surgeon will do a hair transplant to fill up bald patches on the head. Usually, the surgeon moves hair from the top of the head or the front to the side or the rear. Hair transplants typically occur under a local anesthetic in a doctor’s room. The primary cause of hair loss in most cases is pattern baldness. In addition to regrowing hair on the chest, pubic area, eyebrows, eyelashes, and beard, hair transplantation can conceal scars from accidents or surgery, including facelifts and previous hair transplants.

How is hair grafting performed?

Hair grafting is the most often used technique in hair transplant surgery. A medical practitioner surgically removes the scalp’s healthy hair-retaining small sections. Sometimes they use a tiny, round punch to remove the skin with ten to fifteen hairs or less. They were previously called hair plugs. Micro-grafts include one to two hairs. It can take several hours to complete. Throughout the procedure, the majority of patients are conscious. Some receive medication to numb the scalp. Your scalp needs to heal for a few months in between surgeries. 

Steps of hair transplant procedure:

·       Tissue expansion: 

Tissue expansion is a different method for treating baldness. Leading experts in tissue expansion, a technique frequently employed in reconstructive surgery to treat burn wounds and wounds with a large amount of skin loss, are plastic surgeons. Its use in hair transplant surgery has produced impressive results, providing considerable coverage in a short period. In this procedure, a tissue expander, which resembles a balloon, is implanted beneath the scalp near the bald spot. Over a few weeks, salt water is progressively inflated into the device, causing the skin to expand and produce new skin cells. Particularly after a few weeks, this makes protrusion beneath the scalp that bears hair.

·       Scalp reduction:

Sections of the hair-bearing scalp are moved forward to fill in a bald crown, which is why this procedure is occasionally referred to as advancement flap surgery. The purpose of scalp reduction is to conceal bald spots on the top and rear of the head. For frontal hairline covering, it is not advantageous. A section of the hairless scalp is removed after a local anaesthetic is injected into the scalp. Depending on the patient’s objectives, the pattern of the scalp portion removed varies greatly. Doctors frequently remove a section of the scalp in the shape of an inverted Y when a significant amount of coverage is required. Excisions can also take the form of an oval, a U, or another shape.

·       Flap surgery:

The scalp has been effectively treated using flap surgery for over 20 years. Large patches of baldness can be swiftly covered by this treatment, which is personalised for each patient. The patient’s needs and goals heavily influence the flap’s size and location. One flap can replace up to 350 punch grafts. A flap of skin with hair is peeled off the surface while still attached at one end, and a portion of the bald scalp is removed. 

Recovery Period:

Hair transplantation treatment has become popular in recent days. After the operation, your scalp could still feel somewhat sensitive. For a few days, you might need to take painkillers. Your surgeon will ask you to bandage your scalp for at least one or two days. Additionally, they may suggest that you take an antibiotic or an anti-inflammatory drug for a few days. 2 to 5 days after the treatment, most patients can resume their jobs. After the procedure, the transplanted hair will fall out for two to three weeks, but new hair will begin to grow in three to six months. 60% of new hair growth will typically be visible to most people after 6 to 9 months.

Why Turkey is so popular for hair transplant?

 Turkey currently is one of the most favourite medical tourism destination for hair transplant treatment all over the world.

Thehair transplant Turkey package is low when compared to other countries offering hair transplant treatment. One of the main reasons to choose Turkey is that the therapy from there helps to heal more quickly and leaves fewer scars than other treatment options. In the finest hair transplant clinics in Turkey, skilled surgeons perform the procedure to give a better result.

You can find a variety of hair transplant hospitals in Turkey you can choose the best one for your treatment at an affordable price. 

Hair transplantation statistics in Turkey:

Due to the national surgeon’s high criteria for quality and reasonable rates, hair transplantation in Turkey has established a reputation as one of the most efficient and cost-effective treatments. With more than thousands of hair clinics throughout Turkey, many believe Turkey to be the finest place in the world to locate the best hair transplant surgery. This is the best reason why Turkish hair transplant is widespread. Turkey is renowned around the world for its extensive studies on hair loss. Approximately 500 hair transplant clinics and hospitals have been built, and surgeons have become known for boosting the number of referrals for patients.

Bottom line:

The world’s greatest option for hair transplant surgery is Turkey. Other locations offer high-quality hair transplants, but they are all significantly more expensive. As a result, the country’s medical tourism industry is growing quickly. You should visit the best hospital in Turkey for your treatment at an affordable price. 

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