Houston under severe weather threat Tuesday 24th January, 2023: Damaging winds, heavy rains, and potentially tornadoes

Damaging winds, heavy rains, and potentially tornadoes

A few cold fronts come into Houston like sheep. The present front, nonetheless, will be a lion. The prime time for serious weather conditions today will run from late morning to around 4 pm as the front barrels into the locale. A ton of the fixings that we search for with regards to extreme climate, including precariousness and a vigorous air, will be set up in front of, and alongside the front today. We’ll talk about the dangers more meticulously underneath.

In the 10,000 foot view, major areas of strength for a level framework will follow toward Texas, prompting a low strain framework at the surface that will make violent circumstances. In front of this low, we will major areas of strength for see winds toward the beginning of today, blasting up to 40 mph. These breezes will move to come from the west and afterward northwest as the front passes. Dissipated showers and rainstorms will be conceivable earlier today in front of the front, yet the fundamental line of tempests will probably bring the most extreme climate. As far as timing, I anticipate that the front should arrive at a line from Katy to Tomball to Conroe by 1 to 3 pm, drive into the focal Houston passage from Sugar Land to downtown to Kingwood from 2 to 4 pm, and drive over the coast from 4 to 6 pm. How about we think about the three primary dangers.

Serious weather point for Tuesday. (NOAA)

Damaging winds: because of the low strain framework, anticipate supported breezes of 30 mph or higher, with whirlwinds to 50 mph across a significant part of the area, particularly south of Highway 10. These breezes might be sufficiently able to cause disconnected blackouts. Any open air furniture inclined to blowing around ought to be taken care of, if conceivable. These sorts of breezes will thump down tree appendages also.

Heavy rain: Anticipate that 1 should 3 crawls of downpour for most regions, with detached aggregates of 4 inches or higher conceivable in regions that see storms toward the beginning of today in front of the front. That’s what the terrible news is, with the fundamental line of tempests, precipitation rates up to 2 inches each hour are conceivable. Fortunately the framework will move decently fast from west to east, clearing the region. Some road flooding is conceivable, however I’m confident that streets will get in wording free from water by busy time in the metro region.

Tornadoes: There is a lot of flimsiness, lift, and shear in the air today. A great deal of the boundaries that we look to for tornadic movement are illuminating, particularly for regions along and south of Highway 10. Yet, so, the general climate isn’t great for cyclone development, for example, one could find in Oklahoma later in the spring — simply steady. The most probable time for this action is from early afternoon to 4 pm today, so if it’s not too much trouble, be climate mindful around then. Your general chances of being influenced by a cyclone are very low, yet these are high-result peculiarities worth focusing on.

Regions in yellow are at most noteworthy gamble for a twister on Tuesday evening. (NOAA)

Be climate mindful: Space City Weather conditions will give extra updates today as justified. We additionally will give notices through our application (Apple adaptation, Android rendition) of any huge cyclones that structure. Other great assets incorporate NOAA weather conditions radio and crisis alarms from the Public Weather conditions Administration.


As indicated above, today will be a blustery, stormy, and frightful day. High temperatures in front of the front will arrive at the upper 60s underneath generally overcast skies. After the front, winds will rapidly move to come from the west, and afterward the northwest, bringing a lot cooler and drier air into the locale. Temperatures this evening will drop to around 40 degrees in Houston, with colder circumstances further inland. With energetic, breezy breezes, it will “feel” like frigid temperatures outside late this evening with the breeze chill.


This will be a windy and cold day, with bright skies and highs during the 50s. Winds will in any case be breezy, up to 25 mph out of the north. Lows on Wednesday night will drop into the upper 30s.


Winds will at long last begin to loosen some on Thursday, at only 5 to 10 mph, and we can hope to see highs during the 50s. With lighter breezes, Thursday night ought to be the coldest of the week, with lows potentially dropping to freezing for far inland regions.

Low temperature figure for Thursday night. (Weather conditions Chime)


Search for the most part radiant climate, with highs around 60 degrees. As the southerly stream restores itself, lows will just drop to around 50 degrees on Friday night.

Saturday and Sunday

I’m apprehensive the end of the week viewpoint isn’t perfect. The two days have strong downpour possibilities, yet the most probable time is presumably from Saturday night through Sunday, with aggregations of maybe 0.5 to 1.5 crawls of precipitation. Highs will be close to 70 degrees by Sunday before a front chills us off a smidgen of some kind.

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