How Does Fat Melting Injections Work & Their Benefits

How Does Fat Melting Injections Work & Their Benefits

With technology and innovation it is now possible to treat your fats in non-surgical ways. You do not need to go under the knife and other surgical methods. With just a few fat melting injections you can say bye to your fats. These injections can help you when your diet and exercises fail. People who do not want to get the surgical treatments and have fear of cuts can get this safe non-invasive procedure. To know about How Does fat melting injections work & their benefits? Scroll down!

What are Fat Melting Injections?

Fat dissolving injections (حقن إذابة الدهون) are inserted into the body to destroy the fat cells. The injections contain a mixture of drugs including vitamins and compounds which causes the fats to dissolve. These injections first melt the fats and then eliminate them from the body on a permanent basis. The process is also termed as lipolysis

Benefits of the Process:

  • This is a non-surgical fat removal and will not cause any cuts or incisions. People who want to get rid of fats but are afraid of surgeries and long recovery periods can have this as their best option. 
  • No need for anesthesia in the process as only injections are involved 
  • The process is effective and quick. Individuals can go back home and can continue activities on the same day because no hospitalization is needed. 
  • The downtime for the process is zero as only injections are involved in the process so no cuts 
  • The number of injections that are required to inject varies with people so you can have less injections if the problem is less
  • Fats get eliminated from the body immediately. Only one month is enough for the removal of fats. 
  • A more contoured and shaped body figure which will remain there for a long time period

How Do Injections Work?

These injections contain deoxycholic acid which is a bile acid present in the body. When this injection is inserted into the fatty layer, it directly works on the fats and causes these fats to liquify and be removed permanently. The melted fats are eliminated by the lymphatic system. These unwanted fats can be removed forever if the person does exercise and diet continuously after the treatment. 

The injections can not work on people who are overweight. To make these injections work properly, people need to consult the doctors. Proper application of these can give you long-lasting effects. 

Deoxycholic acid is the main component of the injections. Due to the benefits of the treatment people from all over the globe are going for the process. The best thing about the treatment is that it can work on people in a safe way. 


Your doctor will have a consultation with you in which he/she will examine your condition and will tell if the procedure is perfect for you. 

  • First your doctor will mark the area which needs to be treated 
  • Then on the day of procedure your doctor will apply anesthesia 
  • Then several fat melting injections will be given depending on the need and area
  • Massage is given to distribute the solution equally
  • The procedure time is around half an hour

There are people who think that only surgical procedures can help in weight loss but the fat melting injections have the same outcomes with no side effects. 

Areas Where Injections are Applied?

These fat melting injections can be applied to different areas of the body. The body areas are:

  • Stomach
  • Arms 
  • Ankles
  • Hips
  • Lower back 
  • Upper back
  • Breasts
  • Double chin
  • Baby bulge 

How Many Sessions are Needed?

A patient needs one or two treatments to make the results visible. For the final outcomes the patients need up to 8 sessions. After these sessions your body will get contoured the way you want. You also need some exercises to maintain the outcomes. 

Different people need a different number of sessions depending on the amount of fats they have. A gap between the sessions is about a month or more. 

Bottom Line!

Tajmeels is providing these fat melting injections to people as a marvelous non-surgical alternative to weight loss surgeries that can otherwise leave scars and can have a long recovery period. Most of the areas of the body can be treated by the process. Professionals at our clinic are all experts and have done the treatment many times. Find an expert doctor for yourself and schedule a consultation in which the doctors will examine the condition and will guide How Does fat melting injections work & their benefits, the procedure if it can provide you with a perfect outcome.

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