How to monitor your child’s online activity

Protecting your children should be your top priority as a parent. And while you can’t always be with them every minute of every day, you can use parental control apps to monitor their online activities.

Parental control apps allow you to see what websites your child is visiting, what apps they are using, and even what they say in chat rooms and social media. This allows you to protect them from harmful content and keep them safe from potential predators.

Several different parental control apps are available, each offering extra protection. But all of them provide a basic level of safety and security for your child.

Below we will discuss the basics of parental control app and how to choose the right one for your family.

Why Is It Important to Monitor Kids’ Online Activities?

For several reasons, parents must keep an eye on their kids’ internet activity.

First and foremost, children can be exposed to all sorts of dangers online. They may be the target of predators, consume inappropriate material, or experience cyberbullying.

Second, children can also suffer from online addiction. They can become so obsessed with the internet that they lose sight of the real world and their relationships with friends and family.

It is, therefore, essential for parents to take steps to monitor their children’s online activities. Using parental control app is one way to achieve this.

How to Identify the Apps Your Child Uses

To monitor your child’s online activities, you need to know which apps they use.

The optimal method is to ask them which apps they are using and then do a Google search for those apps. This will give you a list of the websites and forums where that app is mentioned.

You can also ask your child to show you the app on their phone or tablet.  After viewing it, you will have an idea of the app’s appearance and functionality.

Tips for Discussions About Online Safety With Your Teen

It’s crucial to discuss online safety with your teen regularly.

Here are some tips for discussions about online safety with your teen:

  • Ask your teen about the apps they are using and what they do on them.
  • Google search the apps they are using to see what information is available about them.
  • Talk to your teen about the dangers of sharing personal information online.
  • Set internet rules and regulations that your teen must follow.
  • Monitor your child’s online activities by age and by parental control app.
  • Setting Rules and Regulations for Internet Use

In addition to monitoring your child’s online activities, it’s important to set rules and regulations for their internet use. Explain to your child what type of information they should not share online and the types of websites and apps that should be avoided. Remind them that they should never give out personal information or engage in inappropriate conversations with strangers. Even if you’re not actively monitoring their online activities, having these conversations will help ensure that your child makes smart online decisions.

Parental Control Apps: What to Look For

With so many alternatives, it might be tough to know what to check about when purchasing parental control software. One important feature to consider is how much monitoring and control the app offers. Some apps are designed to allow parents to monitor their children’s online activities and set restrictions, while others provide more detailed monitoring and tracking. Additionally, some apps offer multiple levels of protection, allowing parents to adjust the level of protection depending on the age and maturity of their child. Finally, it’s important to look at how easy the app is to use and its cost.

Strategies for Monitoring by Age and a Parental Control App

As your child grows, you’ll need to adjust your monitoring strategy. This is especially true when they hit the teen years, as they will become more independent and want more control over their online lives.

Using a parental control app is a great way to keep tabs on your teen’s online activities. Apps like ogymogy allow you to monitor their internet activity, set up rules and regulations for online safety, and restrict access to dangerous websites or apps.

It also allows you to check in on their location, so you can be sure they are where they say they are at all times. The app also enables you to set time limits for internet usage or block certain websites or apps if necessary.


There are several parental control apps that you can use to monitor your child’s online activities. Google the app before you download it to make sure it is reputable. Talk to your child about online safety and set rules and regulations for Internet use. Monitor your child’s activities by age and the apps they use.

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