Ireland’s Top Masters in Management Schools

Ireland's Top Masters in Management Schools

Masters in Management, or MIM, is a postgraduate programme. This course lasts between one and two years. In comparison to an MBA, this course emphasizes business theory more. It is more of a formal introduction to the field of business management and not designed with practical education in mind. The goal of this programme is to provide non-business graduates with the business knowledge, management skills, and abilities they need to advance in their careers in today’s globally interconnected business environment. Students choose to study in Ireland.

Ireland is one of the top countries for luring foreign students to pursue higher education. International students have plenty of opportunities thanks to the booming economy and established way of life. After completing their undergraduate studies at one of Ireland’s top universities, aspirant students may find a wide range of career opportunities through a Master’s in Management programme. As a result, in order to learn more about MIM in Ireland, we have covered all the details about the best MIM colleges in Ireland, their admissions procedures, prerequisites, and other factors in this blog.

Ireland’s top MIM universities

One of the most important factors recruiters take into account when evaluating your application for a job position is the reputation of the university from which you have completed your course. There are several top universities in Ireland. Ireland’s top colleges for masters in management are listed below:

Trinity College Dublin

Established in 1592, Trinity Ireland is one of Ireland’s top universities for MIM. You will learn how to guide your organization to high performance in a diverse and multicultural international business environment through the Master in Management in Ireland course. You will gain knowledge from seasoned professors, multinational corporations, and peers with various cultural, professional, and academic backgrounds.

University College of Dublin

University College Dublin has a lengthy and illustrious history; it was founded in 1854. The Catholic University of Ireland used to be its name. The university launched three internal evaluations of undergraduate and graduate programmes, which is among a long list of accomplishments. The university’s MIM programme is the best for preparing students for the dynamic real-world of management.

UCD Michael Smurfit

The only business school in Ireland to hold accreditation from all three organizations—AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA—is Smurfit Graduate Business School, also referred to as the UCD Smurfit School.

For those with an undergraduate degree in a field other than business who want to pursue or advance their career in business, this intensive 12-month full-time master’s programme is designed.The cost for non-EU students is €20,500 for one year. After earning your degree, you can expect to earn an average salary of €100,000.

University College Cork

Graduates who already have experience in marketing from their undergraduate studies are eligible for the MIM at the College of Business & Law at UCC. If you want to work in management or marketing or if you want to concentrate on a particular strategic innovation, enterprise, or marketing skill, this course is for you.

Maynooth University

Organizational behavior, finance, marketing, international business, career planning and development, and research methods are all developed in the MIM course that this college offers. Students will quickly progress from learning the fundamentals to having postgraduate-level expertise in their subject.

NUI Galway

A third-level public teaching and research university, the National University of Ireland in Galway is located in Galway, Ireland. It received five stars from QS for superior performance. Having been founded in 1845, it is currently ranked 259 in the world by QS as of 2020. Masters in Education, Masters in Computer Science (Data Analytics track), Masters in Biotechnology, Masters in Biomedical Sciences, and LLM in International Human Rights are NUI Galway’s top graduate programmes. Again, depending on your home country and course preference, NUI Galway’s structure displays significantly different blocks of fees. For complete information, visit the dedicated website.

Limerick University

The University of Limerick was established in 1972 under the name “The National Institute for Higher Education,” and it was granted university status in 1989. By giving future international managers a thorough understanding of effective global enterprise management, the MIM course seeks to encourage an international and global perspective. It offers a superb fusion of academic and practical skills to help students improve their chances of landing a job abroad.

Dublin City University

Dublin City University is ranked at the 429th spot globally, making it one of the youngest universities in the world to make it to the coveted top 500 QS list. It is a recent institution, having been founded in 1975—less than 50 years ago. Its cutting-edge infrastructure, as well as promising advancements and research, have contributed to its meteoric rise. By the year 2020, DCU will have more than 17,000 students and 80,000 alumni spread across the globe. For individuals with undergraduate degrees in fields other than business who want to pursue or advance their careers in business, this intensive 12-month full-time master’s programme is designed.

Irish MIM Admission Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

Different admissions standards and eligibility requirements apply to each university in Ireland. Basic requirements for admission to MIM Ireland universities include:

  • Bachelor’s degree: A student must possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited university with a minimum percentage of 65% or more in order to enrol in any of Ireland’s top MIM colleges.
  • Work experience: Although it is not a requirement, if you have two or three years of work experience, you will be given preference.
  • English language proficiency: International students should be fluent in the language and have the required TOEFL or IELTS scores. IELTS requires a score of 7.0 and TOEFL requires a score of 100. In some universities, the PTE score requirement is 6.5.
  • GMAT Score: Another requirement that strengthens your application is a GMAT score. Universities in Ireland require a minimum GMAT score of 600.
  • All international students who are interested in studying MIM in Ireland must have a valid passport and obtain an Ireland study visa three months in advance.

Documents Required for MIM in Ireland:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • SOP
  • LOR
  • Language Proficiency in English Test Results
  • Funds Proof
  • Students Visa
  • Updated Resume
  • Current Photographs (Passport size)
  • International students are required to have health insurance

Cost of Studying MIM in Ireland

The university you apply to will have the final say on how much it will cost you to study MIM in Ireland. The price is further broken down into tuition and living expenses.

Tuition Fees

There are various MIM course fees at Irish colleges. The cost is determined by the type of specialized course you select. The annual cost of the MIM course is approximately USD 35,287. (2,745,984 INR).

Living expenses

The cost of living in Ireland is entirely dependent on where you live and the kind of lifestyle you prefer. The breakdown of the monthly cost of living is as follows:

  • Books and Supplies : 89.17 (INR 6369)
  • Food : 327.13 (INR 25,457)
  • Transportation : 70.93 (INR 5,520)
  • Miscellaneous : 269.86 (INR 21000)

Ireland Work-Study

International applicants can choose to work while studying in Ireland while on a student visa. The hourly minimum wage is approximately 14 euros. Although it might not help you pay for your studies, you can use this as extra money to get by in a foreign country.

Popular part-time jobs in Ireland include:

  • Tutor: Your hourly wage can reach 20 euros.
  • Event staff: 30 EUR per hour Restaurant staff: 15 EUR per hour
  • Paid Creator: 90 EUR per month


If your academic performance is strong, you may choose to pursue internships at various positions with various companies while you are still in school. The most popular fields where you can choose an internship are marketing, data visualization, human resources, etc. These fields will teach you about the state of the market and enhance your resume.


Once you have a thorough understanding of the cost of living and studying there, pursuing MIM Ireland is simple. Before applying for an international admission, you must have enough information with you. A Masters in Management programme in Ireland can help you prepare for future employment in executive management and related positions with businesses across all industries. To prepare graduates for a wide range of roles, the course adopts a broad, global, and cross-sectional approach.

An international student will have the opportunity to study in a nation where literature and the landscape collide and where innovation forms the cornerstone of education if they choose to pursue a master’s in management in Ireland. Ireland is a worthwhile option as a location for your higher education because it attracts international recruiters and has more affordable course costs.

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