Learn All About NIOSH N95 Disposable Mask

Learn All About NIOSH N95 Disposable Mask

after COVID-19, people have become more conscious about mild to critical health issues that affect adversely affect them. The NIOSH N95 masks offer excellent prevention to avoid respiratory complications against pollutants and virus particles.

The N95 is a NIOSH-approved particulate respirator that features 95% of airborne particle filtering capacity. People with chronic lung disease, shortness of breath, or any respiratory illness must value these face masks as these acts as shields in fighting against harmful particles. The ‘N’ in N95 masks represents that this particulate respirator is not oil resistant.

When it comes to N95 masks, never mistake them for surgical masks. Both masks are far different, with different properties, benefits, and specifications. Let’s take a quick look at how N95 differs from surgical face masks:

  • Testing Authority: Surgical masks are FDA-approved, whereas N95 masks are NIOSH (US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) evaluated and approved under general provisions in 42 CFR Part 84.
  • Purpose:  Surgical masks are designed to protect against respiratory emissions and are fluid-resistant. On the other hand, NIOSH N95 masks prevent exposure to small to large(non-oil) particle aerosols.
  • Mask Fitting Testing: Surgical masks offer a loose fit; on the contrary, the N95 masks offer the best fit with a tight seal on the face.   This is because they use head straps instead of ear loops, for a more secure fit to the face.
  • Filtration Level:   With surgical masks, particle filtration is not guaranteed. However, the N95 masks are best known for providing at least 95% filtration efficiency.
  • Leakage:  This is possible with surgical masks due to their loose fit, but in the case of NIOSH N95 masks, the chances of leakage around the edges are significantly less because it properly gets fit.
  • Disposal:  The discarding limitations for both masks are pretty similar. It’s suggested to dispose of surgical and N95 after encountering any patient. Deformation, loose seal, wet & dirty indicate a mask replacement.

To Wrap Up

Your choice of respirator decides your level of protection. Compared to others, N95 masks are best in many ways and ensure better protection against harmful air borne pollutants and particles. Beyond its secure fit and feel, there’s no match for the protection level you get with this NIOSH-certified N95 mask.

NIOSH N95 Masks at Best Prices in California

Planet Halo Health is a California-Based PPE distributor of high-quality masks, gloves, and other products to B2B, government agencies, and other healthcare institutes. Keeping communities safe, is their main motto, and to keep their promise, experts at Planet Halo Health provide NIOSH N95 masks at affordable rates. One package contains 20 masks, and each one is individually wrapped.

The BYD brand manufactures the headband-wearing style N95 masks. The mask is made of Polyester and Electric Static Melt blown. These are best designed for small to medium size heads. This may also fit people with a larger head, but it may feel like a tighter fit. With No valve, NIOSH N95 – TC-84A-9221 standard, foldable, and non-sterile functionalities, the NIOSH N95 masks are widely adopted in hospitals in the USA.

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