Strength Training And Fertility – What You Should Know

Strength Training And Fertility - What You Should Know

Generally, couples visit the best fertility clinic in their locality when they notice issues in becoming parents of a cute baby. And at the clinic, a respective doctor advises a few lifestyle changes along with treatments based on interaction, physical examinations, and test report results. While suggesting lifestyle changes, the doctor focuses on physical activity and asks couples to perform moderate exercises such as strength training. Do you know why the experts suggest being active or performing exercises to couples? Know it now.   

Exercises while trying to conceive 

As a common rule-of-thumb, you should continue your workout regime if you were regularly performing exercises earlier. You should talk to your doctor if you are going to start a new fitness routine or you haven’t worked out. 

Exercising regularly is good for the overall wellness of your body and mind. Except for rare cases, doctors advise patients to do moderate workouts. And in the fertility journey, many experts advise couples to perform light to moderate exercises and avoid the one of high intensity. Your doctor may prohibit you from lifting heavy weights if weight lifting is a part of your strength training as heavy weight lifting may badly affect your ability to conceive. 

How does strength training help you in your fertility journey?      

For overall health and wellness, doctors advise people to perform moderate exercises for five hours a week, around 40 minutes a day. Performing moderate exercises help you maintain your general as well as reproductive health. As per the findings of studies till date, moderate exercises with a healthy diet improve a female’s ability to conceive. In addition, moderate exercises:

  • Lower the risk of pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes and eclampsia 
  • Assist you keep your body weight under control with a focus on the suggested BMI 
  • Decrease your anxiety or depression risks and lower your stress levels 
  • Enhance bone strength and tone your body muscles 

Strength training adds the benefits of moderate exercises. It offers numerous benefits that can be:

  • Calorie management or enhanced metabolic efficiency 
  • Improved balance, which is crucial for females during pregnancy 
  • Enhanced confidence  
  • Fat reduction in the abdominal area 
  • Endurance and strength buildup  

Strength training is good, but you need to be careful 

Strength training along with moderate exercises is good for your health and fitness. However, you need to be careful when you are trying to get pregnant. Heavy weight lifting for a long time is not good for you. If weight lifting is your favourite workout, you can go with it when you are on your fertility journey. You can reduce the amount in terms of time and weight. The primary issue with your strength training is a risk of injury. Opting for lighter weights and reducing duration can help you minimise your injury risks. However, it is better for you to follow your doctor’s instructions as strength training leaves a lot of pressure on your body. 

What are alternate options for weight lifting?

 Apart from reducing your weights and duration for weight lifting, you can opt for walking, pilates, and moderate yoga poses. Whatever exercises or alternate options you choose, you must talk to your doctor and discuss impacts of the same on your fertility or conception ability.   

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When should you not perform workouts while trying to conceive?

Your doctor is the right person to guide you on exercising. As per most reproductive health experts, you must avoid exercising at certain points during your fertility treatments. Egg retrieval, ovary surgery, etc. are the points when you should stop performing exercises. Further, your doctor will ask you not to do workouts for two weeks after embryo transfer. 


Moderate exercises with strength training are good for your fertility. Your doctor or fitness trainer will advise you what exercises you should do at what time. You should follow your doctor’s instructions to make your family expansion plan more convenient and safer for you.  

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