Taking The Sodium Citrate Medication – Guidelines, Effects, Dosage and More

Sodium citrate belongs to the Alkalizing Agents that treat people with kidney stones, urine infections and gout. Sodium citrate combines two medicines such as citric acid and sodium citrate. If your doctor has prescribed you the medication or you are suffering from any of those diseases mentioned above, then read the article till its end to know more about taking sodium citrate.

What Is Sodium Citrate Medication?

The sodium citrate medication improves the condition of high acid levels in the body. Apart from acidity concerns, it can also prevent grout or kidney stones caused by high uric acid levels. The primary purpose of using these medications is to reduce the acidity level in the body.

How To Take Sodium Citrate?

You should follow the guidelines of Sodium Citrate API Supplier in India mentioned in your prescription or with the physician’s consultation. Depending on the condition, the doctor provides the dosage for sodium citrate. Generally, the doctor suggests taking these medications after meals and before bedtime. If you are taking the liquid form of sodium citrate, then mix it following the proper instructions.

First, take the medication and mix it with 4 – 6 ounces of water or juice. Now drink and swirl the glass with a bit of water and drink it. It would help to take plenty of fluids when taking sodium citrate solution. Along with sodium citrate medication, the patient may need to follow special diet instructions.

How To Get the Most From The Treatment Using Sodium Citrate?

  • If your condition doesn’t improve within two days of taking this medication or you are developing a temperature, then the situation is complex, and you should consult a physician as soon as possible.
  • After taking sodium citrate, you may feel uncomfortable, so you can ask your pharmacist to suggest a specific painkiller along with the drug.
  • It has been said that drinking a lot of water eases the condition, but this is not true in some cases. Because drinking a lot of water may cause more painful toilet trips. Just follow the instruction given on the label and drink different water.
  • Even if the condition doesn’t improve, you should see a doctor for further medication.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Taking Sodium Citrate?

The most common side effects after taking sodium citrate are nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and diarrhoea after eating. However, taking the medication with plenty of drinks may improve the situation. If any of these side effects worsen over time, don’t hesitate to contact a doctor as soon as possible.

The severe side effects of taking sodium citrate include swelling on hands, ankles, and feet, hand numbness, irregular heartbeat, mood swing, confusion, muscle spasms, etc. In case you notice these kinds of allergic reactions, contact your physician as soon as possible.


Hopefully, now you know everything about taking sodium citrate. Besides side effects, the drug is prescribed for benefits rather than the risk of side effects. In this regard, pharma owners can purchase sodium citrate from a trusted citicoline sodium supplier in Kolkata and get the best quality product at a reasonable rate.

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