Tips for Beginners When Shopping for the Right Dirt Bike

Tips for Beginners When Shopping for the Right Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are great for recreational riders and long-distance adventures. Since dirt bikes come with different features, engine sizes and functionality, the best dirt bike varies depending on the preference and needs of the rider. For instance, a 125 CC dirt bike is ideal for beginners while bikes over 250 CC are a good option for experienced riders.

Different riders will require different features and functionality in a dirt bike depending on the intended use. Whether purchasing a 125CC or 150CC dirt bike or a larger motor, it is best to first consider the performance and safety level of the bike.

Before buying a dirt bike, it is important to keep the following considerations in mind for safety and maximum functionality.

Consider the size of the dirt bike

Beginners to riding should consider a 125CC dirt bike or a 150 CC dirt bike. This is because smaller bikes are easier to handle making them safer for inexperienced riders. Experienced riders can opt for larger motors since they will be more skilled in controlling and handling the bike.

Apart from engine size, riders should also consider their stature when choosing the right bike. The size of dirt bike has a significant impact on the rider’s safety. It is generally recommended that the size of the bike should allow the rider to comfortably reach the ground with the balls of their feet when seated. This will ensure that the rider can easily handle the bike when riding as well as when mounting and dismounting.

Consider the type of dirt bike

Dirt bikes are available with different features to suit different purposes. For instance, racing bikes are equipped to handle extended periods of high-revolution output and high-speed maneuvering while play bikes will not be equipped with such a high output or maneuverability.

Trail dirt bikes will be equipped to handle rough off-road conditions while dual bikes can perform adequately on both pavement and dirt. It is essential to buy a dirt bike that is suited for the purpose or lifestyle of the rider. Modifications can be done to dirt bikes to make them more suited to racing or different purposes, but these can be costly and require a lot of effort.

Choose between a two-stroke and four-stroke

There are two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bikes depending on how the engine of the bike works. Four-stroke engines have a smooth power delivery but will typically have less power compared to a two-stroke engine.

Two-strokes deliver power abruptly, which can make them harder to control. Riders who are more inclined to racing may be better suited to two-stroke bikes since those with a four-stroke engine are generally more sluggish.

Another key difference between two-stroke bikes and four-strokes is that two-strokes use a pre-mix gas with a specific oil-to-gas ratio while four-strokes run on gas.

Consider riding skill and experience level

Dirt bikes with a high displacement like 300 CC or 450 CC pack a lot of power. This can make them harder to control especially for riders with little to no experience. First-time riders should opt for dirt bikes with displacement below 250CC then upgrade to a more powerful bike once they have sufficient experience.

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